996 eye candy

A most unloved 911 (fairly or unfairly), but not undeserving of attention from time to time. And it certainly doesn’t mean it can’t ever photograph, as these manufacturer images can attest. Of course, alphanumeric combinations like “GT3” and “GT2” do a lot to further capture the imagination (regardless of generation), as do the scenic vistas.

For all its faults (perceived or otherwise) you would rock this— there’s no way you wouldn’t. And so would we. Get ’em while they’re still [relatively] undervalued.

(Manufacturer photos)

~ by velofinds on June 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “996 eye candy”

  1. I have to say…the 996 (preferably, with a fixed rear spoiler of some sort) has really grown on me recently. Wish I could afford one. But then I could also afford a 930…Logic does no good when trying to choose a car (even hypothetically).

  2. i hear that. here’s an interesting clip i came across recently (lots of nice visuals here):

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