Three generations of 3-series BMs

Here are just a few of the standouts that caught our eye at New Jersey Motorsports Park (blasé supercar appearances notwithstanding).

(Shooting in harsh midday light is never fun— we did what we could.)

Loved this E46— OEM wheels and perfect stance do in fact a winning combination make. And we don’t even love the stock 18’s at factory ride height (we prefer the 19″ Style 67s)— lowering the car changes the equation that definitively.

Obligatory E30 M3, this one with beautiful red paint.

E36 M3 saloons FTW. Loved the Estoril Blue lowered on OEM forged M Double Spokes.

Bonus pic— Mustang GT nicely lowered on Hoosiers and Enkei RPF1s. Badass. Undisputably our favorite non-Euro there— nay, one of our favorite cars there, period. We only regret not being able to get more shots.

Car was fast, too, although of course it’s difficult to separate car from driver. Still, slap Hoosiers on a Mustang and good things tend to happen.

~ by velofinds on June 15, 2010.

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  1. Nice to see a standard E30 M3. I want to burst a vein in my head everytime I see an E30 with modified wheels, steering wheel, etc, etc. For some reason owners of these cars feel compelled to modify *something*.
    Here in Europe bog-standard, unmolested M3’s reach record prices.

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