Mechatronik roadster

Alright, we absolutely love this— it’s a Merc roadster prototype by German engineering firm Mechatronik. Dead-sexy classic sheetmetal wrapped around modernized internal components is often a winning combination (think Singer 911). Looks so badass lowered and riding on colormatched steelies.


~ by velofinds on June 3, 2010.

5 Responses to “Mechatronik roadster”

  1. Engine bay photos please? That direct link keeps shutting down my internets.

  2. here you go:

    couple more of the rear and interior:

  3. Oh wow!!! That is absolutely perfect!!!!!

  4. So, how do we get one?

  5. i believe it usually works something like this:

    – source a w198 300sl and have it shipped to germany
    – wire $$$ (or £££, or €€€) to their bank account

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