Track Giulia

Nicest Alfa Giula we’ve seen since, well, this.

Apples and oranges – this one looks more like a gutted racer, the other retains more of that classic/sleeper look that we love so much – but we appreciate and admire how this one is unabashedly all business.. it makes its intentions clear. Really nice.

Image: Filip Buysmans

~ by velofinds on June 1, 2010.

3 Responses to “Track Giulia”

  1. Love this photo!

  2. I saw loads of these racing at Castle Combe once – it was fantastically close with lots of overtaking and some great drifting.

  3. @stefan: i find spec (one-make) racing to usually be enormously entertaining and exciting. this clip still stays with me, for instance:

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