Photographer spotlight

Here’s a small selection of photos (and cars) we like from the portfolio of photographer Neil Denham, making a second appearance. Lots of Lotus and early Porsche here— no complaints, naturally. Oh, and wet roads.



~ by velofinds on May 28, 2010.

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  1. Wow!!! Great compositions. Curious what post editing he does. I love the stark contrast

  2. probably the usual things- dodging, burning, curves, levels. i don’t see too much photo-manipulation here (which is good). as a matter of personal preference, there is too much vignetting in the corners for my taste (and too much contrast in general), but that is obviously the look he’s going for, and he knows how to get it. great selection of cars though (and knack for composition, like you said).

  3. Holy shit… you just made my day.

    RE: manipulation
    As far as I’m concerned, I tend to look at most photos these days more belonging to the realm of graphic design. The line has blurred so much between the two and I’m okay with it. I love when people make beautiful images to look at. I’m not as concerned with the methods used anymore, just in the end product. There will always be “realists,” but there seems to be a major unfounded backlash against people who use computers and digital cameras in their photography. I doubt the general public was so concerned when engineers put down their pencils and slides and started using auto-cad to design bridges.

  4. that’s true, i don’t much care about what tools are used. i just like ‘organic’ end products (however way that’s determined). if it looks like the artist/photographer is trying too hard- s/he probably is.

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