We like it. We like it a lot.

For those Porsche fans who were unable to acquire a 911 Sport Classic, of which only 250 were built, Stuttgart is now offering some of the bits that make up the Sport Classic car on an à la carte basis. Among the most popular items are likely to be the Fuchs wheels that feature the classic five-spoke design used from 1966 until the early-1980s. The wheels come in 8.5×19 front and 11.5×19 rear sizes (source).

Effin’ beautiful. We think we might have a new favorite wheel for the 997.

(Manufacturer photos)

~ by velofinds on May 13, 2010.

4 Responses to “We like it. We like it a lot.”

  1. Wow!!!! Would love to see these on a classic slammed microbus 🙂

    Any more shots of the car with these on it???

  2. here they are on the limited run 911 sport classic on which they originally appeared:

  3. here’s a 911 964 (1989-1994) on black fuchs- one of the best-looking cars i’ve ever seen. these are a custom set though, not the sport classic versions seen above.


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