Red Corrado lowered on gunmetal Audi TT 'Fat Fives'

We like these – a lot, even – but could probably never bring ourselves to buy one; ownership would likely be too much to bear, although we’d be happy to have any current or previous owners set the record straight and inform us otherwise.

It is such a looker, though.

As well as (famously) a Top Gear future classic:

Image via tcl

~ by velofinds on May 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “Red Corrado lowered on gunmetal Audi TT 'Fat Fives'”

  1. I dearly loved my Corrado G60. I loved the way it sounded with 3 inch exhaust the most. I didn’t like the way it cost me a car payment every month I owned it, and I paid cash for the car…LOL!

  2. always wanted a Corrado….but have/had no desire to put up with the anguish of complete and uttery unreliability. those cars are miserable to take care of…..

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