Now this we can dig

Excuse us if we’re late to the party. Yes it’s only a render- but what a fine one. Can’t stop coming back to it, actually.

We want to see more.

Rumors are that Porsche has in development a large GT, a spiritual successor of the classic 928. This really makes sense as it could be easily based on Panamera’s platform and that way save a lot of the R&D costs. If you don’t like the Panamera for its bulbous back and strange proportions, then you are going to be very pleased with the coupe. With a shorter wheelbase and even bigger wheels, it could have an elegant sloped back and still be able to offer more rear room and trunk space than the classic 911. The front is not expected to be very different from the Panamera, as Porsche seem to be still very conservative and cautious about this aspect. All and all the BMW 6 Series, Aston DB9, Maserati Granturismo and the likes should really feel threatened by this (source).

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  1. I think the Panamera would have been far more excusable if this had been released first. I think it looks fantastic. I saw a blacked out 928 this morning and was reminded of how good the rear of that car still looks

  2. Major problem about the Panamera is one of proportions and look : the agressive 911-style front just doesn’t get along with a long 4-doors. It is neither the rear nor the front, IMHO, that are inapropriate : it is their association with the big length, antonym of sportivity by excellency.

    I actually would be a lot more pleased by the rear of the Panamera on a coupé. I wouldn’t even mind its hatch being a lot more upstraight, in an estate squarish kind of way, that is : such a model would be ideal so to make a shooting brake, IMHO.

    Sporty, but practical : this is what shooting brakes are about. Choose it AWD (which is rare on luxury coupés : IMHO, Audi and such are only premium for upstart people – not real premium, and the Continental GTC is all but a drivers car, which would make a 928 revival the one and only current model to suit the shooting brake spirit really well) and add in a manual transmission (only the boring PDK is avalaible on the AWD Panamera, sadly), and you’d have the drivers car only obese people would discard in favor of a SUV.

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