These are weird, but maybe in a good way

Came across these- definitely on the fence about them. At best, recalls the 02 Touring. At worst, recalls the E36/5 Compact (which, come to think of it, isn’t necessarily a bad thing, either— with some modification, we think these could be some entertaining, chuckable cars (but we digress)).

Would you? Have your say.

Photoshop wizardry by speedminded

~ by velofinds on May 11, 2010.

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  1. Looks a bit weird in my opinion. Although the 3rd picture reminded me of a recent story in a carmagazine over here, about a BMW 3 series sport combi. It was made in the 80’s bij a dutch company called Luchjenbroers. A 3door e30 touring.

    Check this link for some pictures of it:

  2. E30 Nomad! Awesome! Thanks R-sport!

  3. @R-sport: thanks! some more on the Luchjenbroers car:

  4. Whaaaa!!!!??? Had no idea these existed!!

  5. @Brandon: because they don’t! these are photoshops (very good ones at that)

  6. I like the side shots, but that top 3/4 is yuck. I’d definitly rock one though.

  7. Wow!!! Amazing PS work!!!

  8. The white one reminds me of an MGB for some reason…..

  9. Meant to say MGB GT 😉

  10. I’d rather a 2002 touring, E30 M3 shooting brake, or, most of all? wait for it… a normal E30 M3.

  11. Hi, it’s good to see my “photoshops” providing years of both enjoyment & confusion! I’m an automotive photographer and dabble in photoshop from time to time. The white one was my first photoshopped version of the e30 M3 Hatch – it clearly didn’t look right without the wing. The burgandy e30 is a turbo M20 I assisted in building 3 years ago; the bob-tail and wheels are both photoshopped. It looks like a Golf. The red and black e30 M3’s are two of my favorite ‘chops and there’s a few more floating around of a silver one in the snow with 18″ BBS RC’s and a Nogaro Silver ‘Cecotta’ edition with gold BBS center lug wheels. I may have spent 10-15 minutes on each one.

    The story behind the e30 M3 hatch concept is fairly simple: I found one that had been rear-ended and it looked interesting. I’m a huge car enthusiast with an obsession to Group ‘B’ rally cars and that era of widebody “hatchbacks” – Lancia Delta Integrale, Audi Quattro S1, etc. I don’t like the 318TI, I think it’s girly and ugly even though I drive a e36 sedan. The idea was to make the e30 m3 into a hatchback with a more aggressive look by bob-tailing the rear, a customary procedure on custom pickup truck, all while shedding some weight.

    I had the body, all the M3 parts, an M52, euro BBS staggered style 5’s, etc. but once the economy took a turn for the worse I couldn’t complete it the way I wanted…with me it’s either all or nothing, with no shortcuts, but I’ll still build it one day!

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