Datsun 2000

Sweet little roadsters- reminds us of sportier versions of those produced by the British. We’re on the fence about the stripes- they’re cool, maybe a bit much for a car this diminutive. We’d be just as happy (happier?) without ’em.


The Datsun 2000 was lauded as a bargain sports car. The main reason for its production was for racing to build the Datsun image. It was raced by John Morton, Bob Sharp and others. Its sticker price was lowest in its class, but it won its class in C Production (Mikuni-Solex carburetors) and D-Production (Hitachi-SU carburetors), in SCCA racing on a consistent basis even after production stopped…

A well-tuned stock Datsun 2000 was capable of cruising at 120 mph (193 km/h) and capable of making better than 30 mpg (7.8 L/100 km) and red-lined at exactly 7000 rpm and 140 mph in fourth gear with a 5 speed. It was replaced with the more sedate, stylish, and popular Z series (source).

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  1. Ah… The roadster 🙂 I had a 69 1600. My 510 has a roadster 5 speed. Unfortunately the roadsters aren’t worth squat. Sold mine before I sunk too much in it.

  2. That’s a lotta speed for that little car. There’s a clean one in SF that drives around with a baby seat in the passenger seat. Lucky baby.

  3. awesome, although the thought of putting a baby in something so diminutive and old gives me pause. the question of safety inevitably comes to mind. after all, this car would make a modern miata look positively bulletproof..

  4. Roadsters are amazing classic sports cars. I owned a couple of them. A 1966 1600 and then a 1967.5 2000 (SRL000248/546) After it was prepped and tuned it was an amazing track day car as well as a twisty road machine. Calspeed

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