Things are looking pretty good..

..until you get to the steering wheel.

We find it polarizing, to say the least. While we can appreciate the fact that it is an alcantara-wrapped OMP wheel (a functional mod, in other words), it nevertheless looks out of place in this otherwise stock cabin— we much prefer the OEM M-Tech I steering wheel.


Images: Francisco Arias

~ by velofinds on May 6, 2010.

6 Responses to “Things are looking pretty good..”

  1. Not a chance! The M-Tech wheel is dated, even though it is period correct. The OMP looks aggressive and gives the cabin a subtle refresh.

  2. I think the MTech I looks better – but I agree that the Momo is probably more functional and better for sporting driving( good bit thicker than the stock wheel)

  3. Whoops – OMP – not Momo

  4. OMP is fine by me!

  5. Thoughts? Steering wheel is fine, as is.

  6. I love the M Tech wheel, but can’t hate the OMP. I was expecting a LOT worse. Colored MOMO, anything from Pep Boys, Wood..etc etc.

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