E12 E3

How fantastic do these cars still look, even in stock form?

This photo also dovetails nicely into this recent Jalopnik piece.

Edit: no, no it doesn’t- because it’s not a 5-Series! More on the “Senior Six” here.

Hat tip to IEDEI for setting the record straight.

Image: Brian Sparks

~ by velofinds on April 20, 2010.

7 Responses to “E12 E3”

  1. that’s not an E12, mate….that’s a BMW Bavaria/New Six….code name E3, which came before the E12!

  2. wow! duly noted- thanks for the correction.

    • no worries. i LOVE the Bavaria….once in a while, i see one selling for cheap in NYC, and i’m tempted to buy it. Last year, i saw someone selling TWO for $2k…ha.

      • you’re likely to spend more than that on a year’s worth of parking alone! haha.

        so small, these are. kind of hard to believe this was once the top-of-the-line model.

  3. Can’t find a good article on it but check out this E3 Bavaria – belongs to Bill Arnold who used it to win the Targa Newfoundland a few times.

    Targa Newfoundland Bavaria

  4. Saw one at a junkyard in Dallas not too long ago…looked mostly complete. And yes I have thought about it, but I just got a W108…so maybe later.

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