This is cool but

Is this Photoshop wizardry, sharp-eyed viewers? We’re pretty sure it is, but couldn’t be positive. Let’s hear it.

We still enjoy it, in either case.

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~ by velofinds on April 15, 2010.

3 Responses to “This is cool but”

  1. Yeah, fakeo. E30 M3s aren’t really tire-burners; I doubt they’re at the top of the Stelvio; and those stripes are REALLY WIDE. Plus, whay are the tires white? Maybe it’s a cloud of talc or something.

  2. I think his retoucher might work for Lexus…

  3. I think it’s on fire.

    I think Neil is right in more ways than one, I don’t think there’s a driver in this car either! Unless they’re leaning way forward.

    The stripes are too wide as mentioned and too perfectly regular. The rim is not blurred though it could have been a high-speed shot. The white tires (especially the front?) are also odd. Most of all the smoke just looks unnatural. If it’s supposed to be moving fast it should be churned up by the turbulence. If it’s crawling along spinning the wheels there should be more of it.

    Can’t read the URL, sheldon something? Fun shot anyway, I need to remember to get a scenic burnout photo someday.

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