Cinematic cars: 356 Outlaw Speedster (replica) and ’67 Sting Ray from "King of the Mountain" (1981)

Is this largely wordless scene the closest thing to Rendezvous that we have here on this side of the Atlantic? Possibly. This one doesn’t exactly end with lovers in tender embrace, though.

Some entertaining background and trivia:

The film was poorly regarded critically and did not perform well in the box office, although it was significant in being among the first films about street racing and communities of street racers, as well as because it was inspired by the activities of real people who raced in the Los Angeles area. It also marked somewhat of a return for Dennis Hopper, who had spent several months secluded away from Los Angeles prior to making his appearance…

On the day he was to get the footage [for the film’s climactic race], Hopper was reportedly very drunk; he’d spent the day in his trailer drinking beer. Despite crew protests, director Noel Nosseck allowed Hopper to drive the car, and according to crew members he entered the car with a fresh six-pack. After taking off, he spent almost an hour in the vehicle despite there being only enough film for a few minutes of footage, and returned with the six-pack empty (source).

Really, would you expect any less from one of the more colorful actors of American cinema?

(More here on the history of Mulholland, for those who missed it.)

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  1. Wow! I had never seen that footage before! How awesome/terrible!
    Thanks for posting!

  2. I feel like people should be relieved that Hopper was ONLY on beer when making this scene.

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