Modified 2002 interior

Simple and exceedingly nice – the very sort of place we’d want to spend our waking hours in – and that lovely Momo Prototipo steering wheel is just begging to be gripped (at 9 and 3, natch).

Image via tcl.

~ by velofinds on April 2, 2010.

3 Responses to “Modified 2002 interior”

  1. Beautiful. No Bimmers like old Bimmers..

  2. Do you guys remember where you found that .. ? I’m really interested in seeing more, you can e-mail me if you wan’t it !

    I love your site,


  3. glad you enjoy the site! the image was found on the car lounge (link is to your right, under “links”). don’t recall the exact thread anymore, but if you do a search for “2002,” you should be able to find a thread (or several). as far as we can recall, though, it was the only image of its kind.

    hope that helps,

    bulgogi brothers

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