Road courses in North America

Apropos of the Pacific Raceways post, we thought we’d try to come up with a list of the road courses we most want to do in the United States North America (not counting the ones we’ve done in our own backyard here in the Northeast- some of which are fine in their own right). We tried to target road courses that are either legendary (Willow Springs, Road America), stand out in some other way (the wooden terrain and old world feel of Pacific Raceways, for example, or the Karussell replica at Shenandoah), or both (Laguna Seca). We’re also partial to technical road courses that are favorable to momentum cars, as opposed to long, high speed road courses that are favorable to lots and lots of horsepower.

In no particular order, here’s what we came up with.

(And we know, some of these tracks are incongruous with the criteria we’ve set out above.)

Shenandoah circuit at Summit Point:

Road America:

(Axis: RA is the MidWest’s version of the NuburgRing. Massive 4.1mi track that follows perfectly the contour of the terrain.)

Virginia International Raceway:

Circuit Mont-Tremblant:

Laguna Seca:

Willow Springs:

Pacific Raceways:

Given their decorated history in motorsport, we’re tempted to add Daytona and Sebring to the mix, but they don’t really seem to do it for us (at least on paper). We could probably be convinced otherwise, though.

Hit us up in the comments if you’d like to chime in on any of these tracks or add a new one.

Images: wolfheadfilms, mcgunnig, VW Canada, C/D, mark_v_socal, Camden Thrasher

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10 Responses to “Road courses in North America”

  1. *sigh*

  2. What about Mid Ohio? I’d also throw in Road America, but that’s a pretty high speed track.

  3. @tailhappy: Road America is listed here, but good call on Mid Ohio- probably deserves to be here..

  4. Road Atlanta!

  5. Argh, I meant to say Road Atlanta, but Murph took care of that. It’s still a high speed track. This one doesn’t get old

  6. holy crap that’s a nice clip. it does very much look like a high horsepower track though.

  7. My first encounter with Road Atlanta was parking by the back straight, stepping out of the car and seeing a Maserati come streaking passed me and into turn 10 and braking hard…that did it for me

  8. Miller Motorsports Park as well. American Le Mans makes a yearly stop there.

  9. Lime Rock Park!

  10. @Peter Orosz: i should clarify, lrp and wgi should go without saying (they are two of our “home” tracks) 🙂

    nice pic! i remember that feature.

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