968 Clubsport

The then-owner has written extensively about his experiences with the car:

As you would expect the car drives wonderfully. The M030 suspension is fantastic on the road, well judged and not harsh or too firm. The M030 anti roll bars means it turns in very  sharply and sweeter than standard and stays a lot more stable and level during cornering. The M030 differences really transform the drive and the standard car feels very old and sloppy by comparison. She feels tight in all departments: steering, damping, gearbox and pedals. The whole car exudes that wonderful Porsche mechanical solidity and sense of everlasting build quality. In bends the feeling of neutrality and balance is almost spooky at times.  And across twisty country lanes she flows so naturally, I think ‘organic’ is the best word I can use. If you like your cars to exude that sense of perfect handling, and a fundamental rightness then you will love the 968cs. Finally, you may also be interested to know that there is also no high speed whine from the gearbox which  is a known issue with the 968 (premature wear of pinion gear).

You can read more driving impressions here.

It’s not our first time professing love for the front engine, four cylinder Porsche. This review is also a great place to learn about living with a 968.

Now, the question for us is, 968 or 911? That’s a tough one. We’re more emotionally drawn to the 911, but the 968 may arguably be the better driver. We want both in almost equal measures (the 911 slightly moreso), but compared to, say, a 993, the 968 may be less expensive to buy in (pristine and rare examples like this Clubsport notwithstanding).

Images: Jackals Racetrack

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  1. ahhhh, that is so nice! I was in in love with the 968 for so long. I actually test drove one right before I pulled the trigger on the E36. It was great, but the Club Sport must be insane.

  2. Now, the question for us is, 968 or 911?

    not quite the same thing, but very close: Testing two Turbo-Look heros of the 1980s

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