Our idea of an ideal sports car

You’re looking at it right here. Really nice example of an R Gruppe Porsche 911S, as featured in the May ’08 issue of European Car.

In addition, here’s a nice bit of history we picked up:

The R Gruppe influence led him to go for the more period look of running mismatched wheels. In the ’70s, finding Fuchs in broader widths wasn’t an option, so enthusiasts looking for wider meats would run Minilites in the rear. The rear wheels on Crawford’s car were built by PS Engineering and fit the period look of the car perfectly. The 8×15 wheels allow him to run 225/50s in back, while the front 7×15 Fuchs are wrapped in 205/55s.

Via European Car

~ by velofinds on March 17, 2010.

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