Alfa Romeo 147 GTA: "if you want to be sensible, go on a bus"

The 147 Gran Turismo Alleggerita seems perfect in all but one very critical way: its 250 bhp go straight to the front wheels. Still, in a textbook example of irrationally loving a car, it’s the one the Top Gear trio would unanimously have.

It’s true though. Take a look at the engine bay and the interior: they’re absolutely incredible. Listen to the sound of that 3.2L Italian V6: stirring. It may have a hatch door in the back, but inside and out, the 147 GTA doesn’t betray its legendary nameplate.

Quoth Jezza: “Bad cars can be brilliant, and there’s your example.”

Additional reading:

  • Perhaps Clarkson would prefer the Autodelta version of the 147 GTA fitted with a limited-slip diff (oh, he did?). The understeer is still overpowering though (and sounds awful to boot).
  • Jack Baruth makes a cogent case for FWD (he would probably argue that JC’s on-track theatrics are probably as a result of poor driver inputs)


~ by velofinds on March 17, 2010.

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