We don't have much business liking the Audi S5

Let’s face it: they are relatively heavy, longish-wheelbase GTs, and while they may be superb at what they were intended to do (grand touring— in high style, natch), they are not especially known to be nimble, lively driver’s cars (though to be clear, nor do they have a reputation as bad drivers— far from it). So why do we find ourselves inexplicably drawn to them? They’re stunning lookers, for one: a lowered S5 with the right wheels – we’re partial to BBS and OEM, especially on these cars – spaced out to sit flush with the fenders is a sight to behold. Photographs don’t do the car justice, quite frankly.

Here’s one such example we’ve been bowled over by lately. We might have gone for 19-inch wheels instead of these 20s, but nevertheless, it looks spectacular. And we’re envious as hell of Delaware’s cool black plates.

Images via audizine.com (mihoks5)

~ by velofinds on March 9, 2010.

3 Responses to “We don't have much business liking the Audi S5”

  1. The S5 is one of those cars I would love to own – but would hate to have it. I feel like the looks aren’t fully justified by the performance.

  2. i have heard differing things. i’ve heard some people say it actually drives better than the b7 rs4 on account of its more up-to-date (b8) chassis. it’s probably great for someone looking for a fast, comfortable (and plenty stylish) highway cruiser. but there are a lot of tempting options at this price point.

  3. Exactly! I would rather own an E92 335iS or a used M3 – even an A5 with a chip might be a better deal overall at this kind of money or a TT-S.

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