The cinematic animated cars of "Ekusu doraibâ" (éX-Driver) (2000)

We know next to nothing about Japanese anime (and this television series from 2000-1 is no exception), but from what we can gather, the list of classic sports cars that makes appearances in it (not to mention the way they’ve been lovingly recreated in animated form) is nothing short of impressive. Let’s take a look..

Lotus Europa:

Lotus Eleven:

Caterham Super 7:

Lancia Stratos:

Lamborghini Countach:

Toyota 2000GT:

Porsche 911 (964):

Here’s the opening to the series:

Here’s a random mashup, sort of amusing (great attention to detail- heel-toes, Scandinavian flicks and all that):


(more clips here)

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  1. great post. the europa is a poster-worthy image.

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