Guest contributor: the motorsports photography of Stefan Marjoram

I’ve always had a deep passion for cars, motorsport and car design. I often look for events with a rich history such as Goodwood or the Le Mans Classic. With my photos I hope to recapture some of the flavour of the glorious past. Often times I’ll choose events which will offer interesting photo opportunities – endurance races which will offer night-shooting and possibly dramatic weather, for example. The glamour, speed, noise, smell, the dedicated teams and breathtaking engineering – all of these things I find hugely exciting and are what I try to capture with my photographs. I’m not interested in making sure I have a picture of every car in a race – it’s all about the atmosphere.

There are a few places like Le Mans where, despite all the recent changes to the track, you can almost touch the history – and sitting under those pine trees in the dusty heat or perhaps pouring rain it’s easy to remember the classic images from past races. The Goodwood revival is special for the attention to period details and the party atmosphere. More people than ever dress up these days and even if it’s not exactly as it used to be, it does make for some interesting images that you’d never get anywhere else. Finally I’m a big fan of the VSCC hill-climbs at Prescott and Shelsley Walsh.

These and other events offer a fantastic combination of wonderful settings and some of the most amazing, sometimes bizarre machinery ever seen.

Words and images: Stefan Marjoram

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8 Responses to “Guest contributor: the motorsports photography of Stefan Marjoram”

  1. We hope everyone enjoyed this feature. Stefan is also a fine painter and sketch artist:

    His artwork can be viewed here.

  2. Wonderful pictures. I hope to see more of Stephan’s work here.

  3. Wow – Those pics are well composed and document some of the most rare cars you could find…of course…is the Goodwood.

  4. beautiful! high-res versions would be nice!

  5. Breathtaking.

    Beautiful Stuff… I second the request for higher resolution. This stuff is made for desktop images.

  6. if you make the hop to stefan’s website, you will find a link to these shots and more, all in higher-res 🙂

  7. Thanks for the nice comments. There are slightly bigger images on my flickr site. I hade to keep them smallish as even at this size they sometimes get pinched for commercial use. If there’s a particular one you’d like for a desktop drop me an email and I’ll try to get you a larger one.

  8. […] Sketches by Stefan Marjoram (also an early MCB guest contributor). […]

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