Now here's something slightly different

Coming from us, anyway, since big, heavy, six-figure executive saloons are usually pretty far from our collective consciousness. C/D recently roadtested a Quattroporte, 7-Series, and Panamera, ranking them in that order from last to first.

This one’s subjective (we see this going any one of three ways for folks, depending on one’s objectives), but for us it’s a no-brainer: we’d take the “Four-door.”

In this rarified class, for this amount of money, it’d be hard (for us) to choose a car that doesn’t elicit passion, and the Quattroporte, with its Ferrari-derived engine and sculpted Italian sheetmetal, offers up pasione in spades (we’re sure at least one aging rock musician would agree). In contrast, the big, anonymous 7er may as well be DOA, and as tidily as the Panamera purportedly drives, we just can’t get over its looks.

Of course, we get that our priorities aren’t necessarily someone else’s, so in this class, we can see how less enthusiast-minded individuals might go for the big BM, and how others (who perhaps place more emphasis on engineering and quantifiables) might go for the Porker.

Our unsolicited alternative in this class would be…? A used Audi D3 S8, arguably our top choice of the bunch.

Images: Car and Driver; Jan Baedeker

~ by velofinds on March 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “Now here's something slightly different”

  1. The Audi, hell yeah!
    That Porsche should be set on fire… (IMO)

  2. For what it is worth – I’ve had good seat time in the current BMW 750 M Sport and it’s a blast to drive. It’s close to the driving dynamics of the E38 740i in that the car manages to shrink in size around you when you start to put it thru its paces.

    That said, my guess is the current twin turbo V8 is no match for a slightly detuned F430 engine in terms of grunt.

  3. That certainly is a conclusion, Evo magazine recently did a similar test including the Panamera, the Quattroporte, the Aston Rapide and Flying Spur and overall the Aston came out on top and the Panamera at the bottom, citing unpleasant dynamics as part of the Porsches failings. Not to mention the fact that it looks awkward at best.

    I’d take the Maserati, purely in the spirit of the comparison. Because if we start picking cars outside the selection I’d just start mumbling things about BMW E39 M5s.

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