Seen on the Ring

More cars we like (some of our very favorites here), courtesy of nordschleifenfan

Cayman S:

Does this really need any introduction? Rolling on BBS LMs:

One of the top two or three most heralded FWD performance cars at the moment:

So aggressive and muscular, but going about it rather quietly (which we like), the weird color on this particular car notwithstanding:

We’re big fans of these:

This is a pretty rare sighting for the Ring (we think):

~ by velofinds on February 17, 2010.

4 Responses to “Seen on the Ring”

  1. these are cool shots

  2. Nice pics. A purple RS4? The Focus RS looks bigger than the E30 M3!

  3. you know, i’m sure it is! check out this picture of an e21 next to a japanese econobox. while not apples-to-apples, it should give you a baseline:

    i always find that pic illuminating (illustrative of how much cars have become bloated over the years).

  4. My uncle had a fully restored ’74 2002tii for a while and at 6’4 I was surprised how well I fit in behind the wheel.

    All that extra weight in modern cars for safety and fatties.

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