As much as we love JC and co., this is why Tiff's opinion carries a little more weight

Because the previous careers of Tiff and co. (Plato, Butler-Henderson, et al.) involved doing stuff like this:

Or instructing at Paul Ricard (Plato), Silverstone (Vicki), etc.

Is Fifth Gear occasionally unwatchable? Yeah. Is Top Gear more entertaining? Sure. But do the opinions of these three Fifth Gear presenters carry just a bit more heft, because on some level we know it’s not solely an auto journo’s bloviating?


~ by velofinds on February 11, 2010.

4 Responses to “As much as we love JC and co., this is why Tiff's opinion carries a little more weight”

  1. I believe you’re familiar with this amazing piece of driving by J. Plato

  2. I can’t take seriously people who take JC seriously. He knows he is ridiculous – hell, he’s paid to be ridiculous.

    Top Gear is more entertainin though.

    • Have you ever read some of Clarkson’s writting? He has a lot of good insights on motoring, the car industry and such.
      Yes, TG is a lot about entertainment nowadays, but Clarkson knows cars.

      • I’ve read a lot of his articles – they rant a bit and to his credit I think he does a great job at speaking about the impact of cars on society as whole and how they can fit into our lives/define lifestyles. However, I get tired with the obvious bias to British cars – good or bad – and his inexplicable disdain for BMW – when he starts screaming “POWER!” and flailing around it is pretty good stuff. So, I take his opinions with a grain of salt.

        For the record, I love Top Gear and have seen most every episode since they brought on Hammond and May.

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