We have never really loved the 2002 Touring

To put it diplomatically, we always thought it looked sort of.. unique, at best; awkward, at worst. But – and while we must say we still prefer the coupé – we can say without hesitation that this is probably the nicest 02 Touring we have seen yet- just really nicely done.

See a short clip here (in German).

Via focus.de/auto

~ by velofinds on February 4, 2010.

5 Responses to “We have never really loved the 2002 Touring”

  1. i’ve always loved the touring….it’s such a cool shape! and it was in a time before Hatchbacks were really even wanted…….ahead of its time!

  2. Inspiration for the 5 series GT 🙂

  3. Who doesn’t love a shooting brake vintage BMW?

  4. I would say it’s more of a fastback, no?

  5. touche! Point is – I would still take it!

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