Dream car of our youth: BMW 850CSi

Okay, one of several many. Our tastes may have shifted since then – the B road and track day enthusiast in us really favors lighter, simpler, nimbler cars now, as opposed to 2+ ton V12 grand tourers built for high-speed Autobahn cruising – but these remain pretty damn special, if mainly for sentimental reasons. And shockingly affordable, too (as far as cost of entry, anyway; cost of ownership is probably another matter entirely), when not considering top-of-the-line 850CSi trim.

They look great in either M-Parallels or M-System II Throwing Stars and, like most BMWs of this vintage and earlier, have aged absolutely wonderfully.

Photos from the manufacturer.

~ by velofinds on January 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “Dream car of our youth: BMW 850CSi”

  1. In agreement. I thought about the 850 when I needed a new daily. Gas mileage killed that idea.

  2. Agree with your review. I recently purchased a 1991 850i. It’s pristine, with perfect leather, no body damage, and the red paint is amazing for a twenty year old car. It’s loaded and everything works. Will be adding the M-series wheels as it was equipped with BBS wheels that just don’t do it justice. With the V-12, it’s a blast to drive.

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