We don't know what it is..

..but we like it.

If you know what it is (aside from the obvious– badass Merc), let us know.

Addendum: it’s a custom 1952 Mercedes-Benz 170S (hat tip to Ralf of chromjuwelen.com).

Images via tcl, chromjuwelen.com.

~ by velofinds on January 8, 2010.

4 Responses to “We don't know what it is..”

  1. … it’s a chopped 1952 Mercedes-Benz 170S. Engine: Alfa Romeo 3.0 V6. Here are some links: http://www.chromjuwelen.com/de/german-engineering/szene/db-170-vom-schrottrod-zum-hotrod.html

    Best regards from Hamburg


  2. thanks!

  3. … you are welcome!

    Btw, here is another Mercedes-Benz hot rod. A 1939 Typ 170 Rat Rod: http://www.chromjuwelen.com/boxenstopp/kiosk/neu-im-zeitschriftenregal-motor-maniacs.html

  4. more:


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