One of the most spectacular things we’ve seen in recent memory. The light, black-and-white tones, engine sounds– all stunning. Unlike the vast majority of in-car footage, here you can *almost* feel the pull of the g’s. Almost.

What we like in particular is that this is not a Ferrari, this is not a Porsche, Lotus, or some other exalted automotive royalty– just an honest-to-goodness Miata (a great car that people from most walks of life can enjoy) doing what it does best: provide driving enjoyment. And really, isn’t that what this is all about?

Canon 5D MkII, 50mm f1.2.

Credit: sean jay

~ by velofinds on January 7, 2010.

6 Responses to “OMFG.”

  1. thanks for the love. much appreciated :]

  2. Shuffle steer makes baby jesus cry

  3. heh. now personally, my hands stay at 9 and 3, but i was under the impression that there were a couple of (legitimate) schools of thought to this- i.e., some guy doing DE right now is being taught by his instructor to shuffle steer…

  4. chean’s pops is also a former rally driver (for what it’s worth).


    Yeah, instructors…about those guys…

    Hands at 9 and 3. Always.

  6. insightful reads. thankfully, i have been fortunate enough to have some decent instructors during my limited time doing this- some better than others.

    oh, and that picture of the phaeton on the track is awesome.

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