1-Series-based M1 finally coming?

To which we say: it’s about damn time. This type of news is always welcome. And the tii concept from last year showed us that the little 1er has loads of potential.

Given its weight, its price, its price point relative to its bigger brother, its price point relative to some of its competitors, its polarizing looks (we like them, anyway), and its general failure to live up to outsized expectations and fill in some pretty big shoes (spiritual successor to the 2002tii, anyone?), it has been sort of fashionable to trash the 135i. But we always kind of liked it and held out hope that it was merely a stepping stone to bigger (figuratively, at least, since here small = good) and better things to come. This just might be it.


BMW to unleash 350bhp M1

(via Autocar)

~ by velofinds on January 6, 2010.

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