This makes us rather weak in the knees

As far as big (and slow!) saloon cars go, anyway: W123 with the European Bosch headlights, lowered suspension, and 16″ Rial mesh wheels. What an absolutely fantastic daily driver this would be– just make ours the wagon, if we had the choice.


~ by velofinds on January 5, 2010.

4 Responses to “This makes us rather weak in the knees”

  1. I’ll keep my E39 540i Touring over this, any day, as hot as it looks lowered over those BBS rims.

  2. well yeah, so would we- one is slow and one is fast. we like those too!

  3. Nice car. i Love the cream beige color. And the Rial’s finish it! Stunning car!

    I have a question, how was the car lowered (Which parts), and how much?

  4. i don’t have the answers to those questions, unfortunately, but i believe the owner posts on the enthusiast forum so if you ask your questions there, he (or someone else) may respond.

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