Cinematic cars: 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T from "Vanishing Point" (1971)

Not as great a movie as people now tend to make it out to be, but still fairly enjoyable and worth a watch.

Some notes about the movie:

Vanishing Point was the inspiration for the 1997 album by Primal Scream, also titled Vanishing Point. It is meant to be an alternative soundtrack to the film. Leader singer Bobby Gillespie said, “The music in the film is hippy music, so we thought, ‘Why not record some music that really reflects the mood of the film?’ It’s always been a favourite of the band, we love the air of paranoia and speed-freak righteousness … It’s a pure underground film, rammed with claustrophobia”. In addition, a track from the album was named “Kowalski” after the character from the film. The track also featured samples of Super Soul’s “last American hero” speech from the film. Author Irvine Welsh scripted the video for “Kowalski” which was directed by musician Douglas Hart. The video features a Dodge Challenger and super model Kate Moss beating up the band…

Death Proof, the Quentin Tarantino contribution to the faux-exploitation “double feature” Grindhouse, features a chase involving a Dodge Challenger resembling the one seen in Vanishing Point (not being an R/T model and having an automatic transmission). Death Proof also references the movie by name repeatedly calling it – “one of the best American movies ever made”. The car in the film also has the license plate OA 5599. Death Proof´s chasing episode Challenger is nowadays in Finland, and it´s in everyday use in summer. All the scratches and bumps are still on its body, and the car is very striking and recognisable where ever it runs. Finnish old car enthusiast magazine Mobilisti made an article about the car in 2009. The film Challenger also has been in several car shows and happenings.

In an episode of Top Gear, one of the hosts Richard Hammond road tests a 2008 Dodge Challenger across Nevada and fondly references the film as the inspiration for him choosing that car (source).

Desert photoshoot nicely re-created by Edmunds:

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  1. Love the car.Plain white ChallengerR/T…..sweet.

  2. Holy shnikes, that’s a good one. Seen that movie 100 times and I’ll probably watch it 100 more.

  3. Classic stuff, thanks! 😉

  4. nice car

  5. One of my all time favorite american muscle. And i believe the very same car as the one above was also used in Audioslave’s video, Show me, how to live, where the band it self plays the role of Kowalski. Portions of the movie were also used in this video, including the end

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