Pair of Mustangs going at it at the Six Hours of Spa

We’re self-professed Europhiles, sure, but these cars manage to be cool to us in a way that the Camaro (which, even post-canned makeover courtesy of Hollywood, continues to conjure up images of mullets, Ol’ Dixie, and all that that entails) does not. At least the Challenger had Vanishing Point.

It’s true: when it comes to ‘murican cars, please give us the Mustang and GT40 over the Camaro and Corvette (much as we admire the Vette). The Blue Oval definitely wins this one, decisively. And that’s not even counting the oodles of Euro-spec Escorts, Sierras, and Focuses that we never got over the years.

Another one (of more recent vintage, natch):

You can’t really picture a Camaro chasing down a Porsche.

Credit: Jurrie Vanhalle (top), Daan Pelgrims (bottom)

~ by velofinds on December 23, 2009.

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