What we'd rather be doing now: the Stelvio Pass

It’s only been called one of the greatest driving roads in the world. And the Elise may be one of the most perfect instruments with which to dissect it.

Photo credit: Jason Liddell

~ by velofinds on December 14, 2009.

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  1. From what I hear, it is more potentially the greatest driving road in the world. In reality, the road surface is terrible, the cops patrol it and you’ve got about a 95% chance of being stuck behind a truck doing 15 MPH with no place to pass…

  2. Makes sense. My impression is that as word about these places gets out, the fame tends to drag them down. For example, I have heard similar verdicts (e.g., “overrated”) given about the Tail of the Dragon.

    If I were to ever find myself at this place, I’d probably do what the gentleman above did and hit it up at the crack of dawn, when the rest of the world is still sleeping. I find that this is usually the best time for spirited driving anyway, for all the reasons that you mention (bicyclists is another).

    I have more on this (more local to us) here, in case you’d like to opine on any of them:


  3. That Caterham in Times Square pic is actually at the end of a return from the Tail of the Dragon. http://www.hemmings.com/hsx/stories/2007/10/01/hmn_feature9.html

    The key is adjusting your expectations, I think.

  4. Very nice. Looks like 7 gatherings on the Dragon are fairly common! I also remember seeing this awhile ago:


    I need me one of these cars (or something similar).

  5. Yeah–me and Lieberman were in the same room. But he flew in. Woosie.

  6. Ah, it was the same event.

    The Hemmings write-up and accompanying photos were great, by the way. I’m linking to them from the Caterham post:


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