The Porsche 944 and 968

Say hello to our latest obsession, a car we would trip over ourselves to buy: the Porsche 944 and 968. While we have always loved these front engine, four cylinder cars – which are known to be wonderfully balanced drivers with tactile steering feel – we seem to have been bitten by the bug particularly hard all over again, thanks in large part to this wonderful review we recently came across. What’s more, the cost of admission ( ~ <$15K) would be lower than entry into the 911 club.

As with our 964 or 993 conundrum, the question remains: 944 (S2, please) or 968? We prefer the 944’s front end styling but the 968’s rear, which doesn’t look as dated.

Oodles of pictures after the jump.



Bonus footage! Vintage Clarkson- complete with the hair and clothes. Love how he refers to the car as a hatchback (technically not inaccurate, we guess).

Period ad (which we’ve had on here before). Cheesy and very ’80s, but still cool.

944 or 968, at the end of the day, we suspect it’ll probably come down to the cleanest and most well-maintained example we can find within our budget.

Both models look wonderful, and either one would fit the bill nicely.

Images: club944net, Jimmy Hawkins, Helga SY, club944net, David M. James, Jason Cragg, David Guimarães, nordshleifenfan,, Ken Rosario, Nigel Watts, GT323, Bo N, Willem-Aart van Dorpen,, AJH-D80, alanw 89, nordshleifenfan, Dennis Podnebess, WJ Grundy

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  1. Absolutly astonishing pictures. The only thing is your 944’s engine choice… 944 Turbo for me, please.
    Long life for 951s!!

  2. Can I add mine?

  3. andrea, of course! that’s a wonderful car.

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