Boxster Spyder

Here are the latest Boxster Spyder photos out of Porsche’s press office. A sampling:

Performance is said to be impressive. From CD:

Any doubts about the Spyder’s performance enhancements drift out to sea among the breakers as the extra 10 ponies in the now-320-hp, 3.4-liter flat-six are put to work. Carving through the tight and twisted sections of Highway 1, the reduced weight of our six-speed-manual Spyder—at about 3000 pounds, it’s the lightest in the entire Porsche fleet—is easily apparent. The 0.8-inch lowered suspension includes shorter and stiffer springs, firmer dampers, modified front and rear anti-roll bars, and a slightly wider track, and it all combines to noticeably improve the Boxster’s already stellar handling. The car is just itching to turn in at every corner and the steering is effortless, like it was engineered just for this road. Well, that impression could also be because the suspension work did lighten the steering, but the rack is quicker and even more communicative than before, allowing us to more intimately feel the pavement texture.

See here and here for previous mentions on this site. There’s also an entertaining post over at Jalopnik on how the Boxster Spyder can take its weight reduction regimen even further.

Credit: Porsche

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