We aim to please.

We are nothing if not accommodating. Judging from our blog stats and search engine terms, people love this W201 so much (admittedly, so do we), we’re gonna give ’em the whole glorious set. This might be one of the nicest damn cars we have ever featured- and we have had a lot of nice cars on here. Just tremendous.


Images: Robin Bien

~ by velofinds on December 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “We aim to please.”

  1. this is a awesome car i owned a 202 when i was 17 and did 50k+ miles problem free driving when i turned 20 i got the 210 which is a nicer and bigger car.. but the 201 will always be remembered as a real mercedes benz

  2. FINALLY the perfect wheels for the CossyBenz. Love it.

  3. as much as i like these dtm-look oz racing wheels, i do also enjoy the standard six-spoke alloys:

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