Cars we love: the E28 M5

Not much to say about the car in terms of facts and figures, since other people do that better (this is why we could never be journalists). See here and here for a couple of quick primers.

So where do we place this car on our personal pantheon of desirable vintage* Bimmers? Not an easy exercise by any means, but taking a stab at this, we come up with the following:

  1. E30 M3
  2. E9 3.0 CS/I/L
  3. Neue Klasse 2002/tii
  4. E28 M5
  5. E24 (M6, M635CSi)
  6. E34 M5
  7. E21 323i

* We’re going to arbitrarily make the E30 and E34 the cutoff as to what can be considered “vintage”- so anything newer (e.g., E36, E39) would be disqualified. We’re also disqualifying the M1 and its likes because price and exclusivity basically make them nothing more than a pipe dream. We are talking about reasonably attainable cars here.

A mid-pack finish in that tough lineup is certainly an impressive showing. And we suspect that the ordering is fluid anyhow- we can see ourselves preferring the E28 M5’s potent, M1-derived inline-six to the 2002tii’s four-cylinder on any given occasion. Yes, we are entitled to change our minds!

More pictars after the jump.

A couple of these might be examples of “lesser” 5ers, but we’ll use any excuse to display any and all examples of E28 hoonage 🙂

We love these cars, and as with many of the cars you see on this site, we would welcome the day we ever become owners of one.

Photo credit (from top): unknown, Adam Bäckman, Brian Gaid, Justin Hard, unknown, Egil Håskjold, Brian Lalor, Sylwester Czopek, unknown, KillerPM, GT323, photographphil, unknown

– Gyro

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2 Responses to “Cars we love: the E28 M5”

  1. here’s my list.

    1. 2002 Turbo. one of my ultimate dream cars.
    2. E12 M535 (original M5)
    3. 3.0 CSL
    4. E28 M535/M5
    5. E30 M3.

  2. awww hell yeah. these are such nice cars, it’s hard to go wrong with any of them, really. the e12 is one we haven’t looked into much- will need to investigate at some point.

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