Dream car

Here’s a game that we here love to play. In fact, it might be our favorite game ever (and, we suspect, the favorite of many others’ as well): given X amount of dollars to spend, what would you buy?

This particular variation (and the variations can be endless- as well as endlessly entertaining) calls for a cap at $75,000 to spend on one new car to accommodate a small, single-car household. One. Not a bad allowance, by any stretch, although the field isn’t nearly as large as you’d think. So what’ll it be?

For us, the answer has pretty much become unequivocal.

Allow us to sing the Lotus Evora’s praises:

  • for the majority of people, it has genuine exotic car cache (which is actually pretty shocking at this price point)
  • it has performance (by which we mean balance and handling, not 1/4 mile times)– in spades
  • it has 2+2 practicality (okay, this one’s a bit of a stretch). Thankfully, our little ones are, well, little- we’ll enjoy it while it lasts
  • it retains a relatively affordable cost of entry (again, relative to your R8s, your Maseratis- even your base 997s)

Its weakest link might be its styling – which we don’t love, we’ll admit – but neither is it a Panamera. Given how good the rest of the car is, we’ll live.

In short, for us it is about as close to a new dream car as they come, for the princely-but-not-altogether-insurmountable sum of about $75,000.

Added 2/17/10:

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