Your daily weirdness: Citroën CX "break" in Berlin

This one is truly wacky.

A bit of etymology:

Certain cars with this body style have historically been called a shooting-brake, a British term. A few models are referred to as a break, using the French term (which is sometimes given in full as “break de chasse”- literally “hunting break”). A common German term for this type, Kombi, is also sometimes used. Volkswagen’s proprietary name for a Kombi is Variant, Opel sometimes uses the word Caravan, BMW uses Touring, Wartburg used Tourist, and Audi’s examples are traditionally called Avant. Fiat often uses the term Weekend, while Alfa Romeo uses Sportwagon and Mazda uses Estate. Some British makes under BMC used Traveller or Countryman for the type. Peugeot and Land Rover have sometimes used “station wagon” even in markets which use British English (source).

Interesting factoid: the CX was apparently a favored mode of transport by Manuel Noriega (source).

Photo credit: ifa.zweitakt

– Gyro

~ by velofinds on November 25, 2009.