Your daily weirdness hotness: custom Porsche shooting brake!

No, not that shooting brake. This was a one-off 911 delivery van (no, really) built by the Swiss design firm Protoscar SA.

The first personalized 911 Shooting Brake prototype has been already delivered to Derendinger, the Swiss market leader in components supply for all the best known brands of car parts (brakes, body panels, oil, windshields, pistons etc) to car dealers and garages of any size. The company, which exactly 75 years ago started rebuilding brakes, guarantees every express-delivery within 2 hours and has constantly developed its vast range of products and services, including the brand new franchise-garage system “D-garage”. (source).

Since this year, Derendinger reaches its 3/4 of a century of life (simply think how cars have developed since 1930!): it wanted, therefore, to celebrate this anniversary by enhancing the company’s spirit through the body style of the “best performance delivery-van” ever used on roads – not only in terms of quick and accurate delivery, but also in terms of safety

– Gyro

~ by velofinds on November 23, 2009.