AMV8 N24 at the 'Ring

We must have the British automaker on the mind today- here’s the DBR9’s little brother at the ‘Ring.

A bit of background on the N24:

While essentially much like the existing coupé, the N24 had a front splitter and extended door sills for aerodynamic efficiency, a full roll cage, a racing fuel tank, and other modifications necessary to make the car race worthy. Other modifications include the removal of most of the interior, including all seats, replaced by a lone Recaro drivers seat.

Later in 2006, Aston Martin confirmed that they would offer the V8 Vantage N24 to customers as a track car similar to a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup… Contrary to Porsche however, Dr. Bez announced that they will not be putting a premium price on the N24 and that, while it will only be produced in limited numbers, will cost just about as much as a regular V8 Vantage…

The N24 was featured in the British TV series Top Gear and driven by James May in a quest to find the best road for driving in Europe. The decision to use the “racing version” for this kind of drive was mocked by Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson as the car lacked air conditioning and other comforts. May eventually had to drive naked, while pouring bottles of cold water over himself (source).

The episode in question:


Photo credit: Mark Nauta

– Gyro

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