The anti-eye candy: "murdered-out" Neue Klasse

Well, almost. While we normally don’t love this aesthetic – least of all on a classical beauty like the 2002 – there is something quite badass about how this car announces that it is not a concours show pony- as if it were saying, drop the Zymol and just drive me, dammit. Excellent.

Addendum: for good measure, here’s another one along the same vein:

The owner notes (emphasis ours):

My 1974 BMW 2002. I painted it myself in my driveway. Photo was taken with my trusty K1000 with the 50mm kit lens and Ilford Delta 100.

Photo credit: Willem-Aart van Dorpen (top), Colin Fairbairn (bottom)

~ by velofinds on November 18, 2009.

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