Hawaii Five-Oh…

My boss dropped the bomb on me on a Monday (two weeks ago) after a week long business trip in Guam, ‘go to Honolulu, Hawaii, now.’  The first reaction in my mind was, ‘Hell yes’.  But then I was reminded that I’ll be leaving my wife and young son, home alone, while I’ll be catching rays on the sunny island of Oahu.

As soon as I landed at Honolulu Int’l, my goal was to find the most ‘exciting’ car to rent within budget, a real low budget.  Even though my trip entailed tons of long work days, I thought I could at least reward myself with a car worth driving for those extended ‘breaks’ from the office or ‘long’ rides home.

After negotiating with my car rental agent for a Jeep Wrangler, I tripped over the ’08 Eclipse Spyder GS.  The agent asked, ‘Do you like?’ I asked myself, hm…Canyon/Mtn/Coast runs in Hawaii with Jeep or Eclipse? Within seconds, I grabbed the keys to the Eclipse for what would be three days of inglorious driving…

I knew I could count on Gyro to help me find a course worth driving. He pointed me to this site, which maps out the best roads for scenic viewing and twisties.

My first mission:

On the eve of my first night, I found myself in Heaven.

I had no fear of falling rock/debris top down at midnight…

Day 2, I went back for more.

Day 3, even with rain on the horizon, a voice in the back of my head said, ‘drive.’

And the voice kept getting louder…

The course:

…my conclusion – with one hand gripping the top left corner of the windshield and my right hand on 1 o’clock for the most part of the trip, I was in heaven. Tantalus Road and Round Top Drive exceeded my expectations with hairpin turns, breathtaking views, glasstop asphalt, and narrow passages.

– Miss Ra

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  1. Excellent. Video of this would have been phenomenal!

    We need a report on how the second rental (base Impreza) holds up to the abuse.

    – Gyro

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