Cars we love: the Audi RS2

We suspect this car needs no introduction, so we’re not going to bother reinventing the wheel, although the uninitiated can take a quick look here and drool over some photos of a show car here (factoid: three live in the United States, apparently). We may do a proper feature someday, a la the BMW E9. Certainly, it is worthy of one.

This particular car lives in Canada. The owner notes:

In Canada we have a rule that allows us to import any car that is 15 years old or older into the country without having to meet the requirements that all new cars must meet. The car just has to meet basic safety requirements and then it can be registered in Canada. I believe there are about 3 of these in Canada now and I’m sure more will be coming considering the popularity.

Maybe we’ll see one up on BaT one of these days (BaT Exclusive: Offered for sale is this incredibly rare import; fewer than ten exist in North America…).

Photo credit: Dave ten Broek

– Gyro

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