Taking the day off to go driving FTW

I know it’s my car, but it never fails to impress every time it’s taken for a good workout. With the stiff Hotchkis rear sway bar, H&R cup kit, and wide, sticky Kumho Ecsta XS rubber, the car is grippy, feels beautifully balanced, and goes where it’s pointed. From the engine note to the steering feel, t’s just a real pleasure to drive. No, it doesn’t have gobs of power, but very rarely does the powerplant feel lacking (especially when the road gets curvy), and subjectively it feels plenty fast most of the time. I imagine it’s the type of sensation one gets wringing out a Miata to its limit, despite the fact that by most quantifiable measures, there are plenty of cars that go faster in a straight line.

2+ years into our relationship, it’s still probably the best purchase I’ve ever made, car or otherwise.

– Gyro

~ by velofinds on November 11, 2009.

One Response to “Taking the day off to go driving FTW”

  1. wish I was there right behind you on this run…in a miata!

    I could definitely use a little FTW driving right now…

    -Miss Ra

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