Save the planet, buy a Porsche

Great column in Slate, whereupon writer Joe Eaton argues that reducing one’s car to weekend driver status (and upgrading to a sports car in the process) is good for the soul as well as for the environment.

It’s a lovely idea, but sadly, unless you live within spitting distance of a handful or so of public transportation-friendly American metropolises (your Bostons, San Franciscos, Washington DCs, and so on), getting by without a car is nigh impossible- it’s a big, big country, and there’s lots of ground to cover. Lots.

My life is already pretty much what the writer describes (well, except for the part about the P-Car), but I’ve seen enough of flyover country to know: unless policymakers, urban planners, and all levels of government can somehow work together to reverse suburban sprawl and its residual effects, Eaton’s idea may be but a pipe dream (and a bewildering one at that) to most average Americans (conveniently overlooking the fact that Slate is not written for the average American).

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Photo credit: Dennis Noten

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