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From a recent Times article (on the impending commencement of Fiat and Alfa Romeo cars being sold through Chrysler’s dealer network) comes this kneeslapper:

“Chrysler doesn’t necessarily need more brands,” Aaron Bragman, an analyst with the research firm IHS Global Insight. “But it could potentially accommodate more brands that are fairly unique, and Alfa Romeo is a fairly unique brand and has a very specific message. There is really nothing like Alfa Romeo in the U.S. market aside from maybe Mazda.”


I repeat:


No disrespect to Mazda (whose cars we generally like). While we get the rather ham-handed comparison that Mr. Bragman is trying to make (we think), this is precisely the sort of thing that comes out of the mouths of non-car finance types when they talk about, well, cars.

We respectfully think Mr. Bragman should start covering other sectors where such, er, “provocative” statements are less likely to be made. Biotech, perhaps.

– Gyro

~ by velofinds on October 28, 2009.

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