How To Choose A Towing Service For Transporting Your Antique Car

Towing antique cars is a process that requires attention to detail. It is necessary to transport classic vehicles so they can be relocated for repairs or refinishing or to move them between shows, the towing requirements for classic cars differ from your average modern vehicles. With this guide you can learn the ideal ways and tips to transport your classic car as well as how to find the best towing company that specializes in the services you need.

Front Bumper and Flatbed Towing

You can use the traditional front-end loft methods to tow antique vehicles. However being as the frames of many classic vehicles are quite delicate, this method is usually discouraged. Another option is to use a flatbed trailer. A common issue with this method is the way in which the classic car is loaded onto the flatbed. There could be damage to the exhaust or the vehicle’s undercarriage. Another risk to consider when using either of these methods is the exposure the exterior of the antique car experiences while in transit. These are the most unprotected transport methods as the paint and windshield could be marred or broken due to flying rocks or road debris. These methods are very common and can be performed by any reputable towing company, like Allways Towing 24/7. Of course, good brake control should also be a given.

Closed Trailer Towing

The ideal mode of transport when it comes to towing antique cars is using a closed trailer. This is because the antique vehicles will be completely protected against the elements and road damage. The antique car may be loaded into the closed trailer alone or along with other classic vehicles that are traveling to the same destination or along the same route. Regardless of the method of towing, qualified experts in antique towing know that soft nylon straps must be used to secure the antique vehicles. This reduces the chances of scratching or any other damage that could be unsightly and impact the value of an antique.

If this is the option you chose, be aware that there are many underqualified transporters that will try to convince you they can handle your job. This is one decision you don’t want to rush. Continue reading to find out what you should be considering when comparing closed trailer towing companies.

How to Choose a Classic Vehicle Transport Company

For starters, it is important to research a few companies and receive quotes from each on towing antique vehicles with identical methods and distances. This is how you will be able to quickly notice which companies are hiking up the prices for their services and which ones lack experience, and which ones offer a price that is drastically low and is no way realistic.

The second step is to guarantee that the company you will be entrusting with you highly valuable vehicle carries the appropriate insurance for the task at hand. Even though you may trust their towing skills and equipment, there is always a possibility of an accident occurring on the roadway. This is sometime something that cannot be controlled.

Make sure to inquire with each company you are considering, whether you will be expected to drive your vehicle to a pick-up location. If you are concerned about mileage, this could help you better determine which company you will partner with.

Inspect Your Vehicle Prior to Transport

Regardless of what towing company you choose, before you sign over the possession of the antique vehicle, closely inspect it. Dated pictures should be taken from every angle and any current imperfections noted.

Once the vehicle has been delivered, never sign on the tow receipt until you have meticulously examined the vehicle again to guarantee that there are no new damages. Harm that came to an antique vehicle while being transported can be placed in an insurance claim. However, the claim will only be covered if it was spotted prior to the completion of the transaction. Also make sure that your mileage matches what it was when you handed over the vehicle.

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