Meet the ancestors

Autocar, whose programming and editorial content we like very much, has a nice recurring segment called “Meet the Ancestors.” Couple of recent ones:

Don’t love this car (give us the NSX, instead), but it deserves respect for what it is, and what its competition largely isn’t: a technological tour de force, AWD barnstormer, and legitimate supercar challenger in a five-figure package. That said, we tend to be more old school, stripped-down guys (we like our Miatas, our E30 M3s, our aircooled 911s) and less “vorsprung durch technik”- hence the NSX (although it doesn’t escape us that the NSX itself was on the cutting edge of technology at its time).

Can’t say we love this, either! At this price point, there are just so many alternatives (new and used) that are far more desirable (nevermind that the chances of actually seeing one Stateside are about as good as seeing an Evo X FQ-400 or a Focus RS). But the Quattro 20V is venerable- a bona fide classic and forefather to some of the great AWD cars of today. And it still looks great.

– Gyro

~ by velofinds on October 14, 2009.